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- Your headshot should be a reflection of you -

- authentic, unique, and compelling -

- Optic Headshots mission is to capture the vision of you -

~ Where is the shoot?

   For STREET SHOTS - In the Santa Clarita area. I can travel to you for an additional fee for gas/time. $0.50 per mile to location and back from Santa Clarita is the standard fee.

For STUDIO SHOTS - Location varies depending on the rental studio.


~ How long is the shoot?

   For STREET SHOTS - Depending on how many looks you want, the time can vary from thirty minutes to an hour and a half. I find this time-frame best to keep the energy in the photos. My sessions move quick with a purpose, I take as many  photos as I need until I get the look we're going for, and then onto the next look. 

For STUDIO SHOTS - Will shoot as many looks as we can within the timeframe you purchased.

~ What is a look?

   A look is a change of wardrobe, hair, makeup, and location background. When these elements are changed, you can    show all the different characters you can play! For example, to fully capture a serious theatrical headshot, we could use a beat-up fence background with a leather jacket and dark lighting. You want strong looks that show casting directors the wide range of roles you can play.

Since street shots are outdoors, where can I change?

    It's best if clients can do a quick change in their car. But there are always restrooms in the area you can use.

What do I wear?

   For STREET SHOTS - Bring 4-5 different outfits to choose from for 3 looks, 5-6 for 4 looks, and 6-8 for 5 looks.

    Both dark and bright colors, try to avoid pastels. NO logos or words on clothing. Layers are recommended like jackets, plaid shirts, etc.

For STUDIO SHOTS - Wardrobe phone consultation before hand so when you arrive at the studio we know your looks already and can focus on spending the time shooting.

What about my makeup and hair?

   Most clients come with their hair and makeup done; if they use it. For headshots, it's important to show the real you and not go crazy with colors, so keep it natural. You can bring eyeliner and different lipsticks for a darker look. If you     would like to set up a makeup artist, please let me know and we'll arrange for that at your expense. 

~ When will I receive the photos?

   You will receive all the photos electronically to your email where you can download them. You can then pick your          favorites, or have your representative choose, and I'll edit those within a few days. The whole process takes about a        week usually.

~ Do you print them?

   No, I send all the unedited and edited photos to your email where you can print them out how you'd like.

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